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“Most parents think the NYC school admissions process is overwhelming.*”

FACT: Our families have performed significantly better in the NYC school admissions process.**

We can help you save time, aggravation, improve your result, and gain peace of mind.

What makes us different?

Founded by a former Department of Education official and independent school admissions officer, we have helped hundreds of families, trained hundreds of school counselors, interviewed hundreds of students, and reviewed thousands of school applications.

(recent quote from a Department of Education official)

We can help you:

  • Eliminate the guesswork and all the time and effort it takes to understand what REALLY works
  • Find schools that are the best fit for YOUR child
  • Develop a customized plan of action based on your goals
  • Navigate each part of the school application and admissions process
  • Communicate effectively with schools and the Department of Education
  • Prepare for interviews, writing samples, and portfolios
  • Prepare an application that maximizes your chances for a successful result
  • Develop sound strategies for applying to
    NYC Specialized High Schools and taking the SHSAT
  • Develop an effective overall school search strategy

Why wait any longer? In-person or remote consultations are available for your convenience!

*Center for New York City Affairs at The New School 2009 report
**Based on historical Round 1 high school admissions results vs. other families.

The Latest with NYCAS

July 2018: Maurice in featured in Chalkbeat’s article, “Prestigious and public, the Hunter College schools charge hefty fees and admit few poor students”

June 2018: Maurice is featured in Chalkbeat’s article, “How one Manhattan district has preserved its own set of elite high schools”

May 2018: Maurice is featured in Chalkbeat’s article, If Carranza wants to take on screening in New York City, here are 5 things he could do

Featured in Chalkbeat

Read Maurice's article on the challenges of NYC high school admissions:

NYC Admissions Solutions, Part 1

NYCAS Events

NYC Pre-K, Kindergarten, & Gifted & Talented School Admissions: Strategies for Success
September 21st, 2020 at 7:00 PM

If your child will be applying to Pre-K, Kindergarten and/or Gifted & Talented (G&T) public or private school programs in NYC anytime soon, this FREE webinar is for you.

NYC High School Admissions has Changed: Now What?
September 30th, 2020 at 7:00 PM

If you are an NYC middle school family or school counselor, this FREE webinar is for you!

College Admissions Strategies for Success
November 10th, 2020 at 7:00 PM

If your child is a 9th, 10th or 11th grader and you are thinking about the college application process, this FREE webinar is for you!

NYC Admissions Solutions Blog

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Not happy with your high school placement?

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Top High School Search Tips for Spring

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Top 10 NYC High School Search Tips for Summer

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