Dana Ponsky — Senior College Admissions Counselor

Dana Ponsky works closely with students and their families in grades 9-12 to inform them about and support them through the college admissions process. Prior to joining NYC Admissions Solutions, Dana served as a director of college counseling in high schools in Miami, Florida, and Washington, D.C. Most recently, she lead the development of a new, comprehensive career services office in a Brooklyn high school to help students understand the importance of career development in the college admissions and decision process. She has a unique background in both college and career counseling, along with student development services at the collegiate level. This provides students and families a chance to learn not just what it takes to have a great application to get into college, but most importantly what is needed to ensure long-term success in college and beyond.

For 18 years, Dana has worked in education, first as a university administrator at colleges such as the University of Miami, University of Michigan, and Barry University in various roles including first-year student programs and retention, and 10 years ago she transitioned to working with high school students to help prepare them for the college admissions process. She has served not only as a counselor but also as a teacher at the high school and university level.  Dana earned her Bachelor of Arts in American Studies from the University of Maryland, a Master of Arts in College Student Personnel from Bowling Green State University, and a Post-Master’s Certificate in Enrollment Management from the University of Miami.