Admissions Access Membership Program
(currently only for High School Placement)

What is the Admissions Access Membership Program?

This program is specifically designed for NYC families of 7th and 8th grade students embarking on the NYC public or private high school admissions process and looking for an affordable way to receive ongoing, expert admissions support throughout the entire application process. For an overview of all Middle School & High School Placement support services, including our Premium Consultation Services, please click here.

The program is led personally by Maurice Frumkin, Founder and President of NYC Admissions Solutions, former independent school admissions officer and former Deputy Executive Director of High School Admissions with the NYC Dept. of Education. Over the past 15+ years, Maurice has counseled hundreds of families and school counselors on the NYC high school admissions process for both public and private schools. 

What is included in your Membership?

See the complete Chart below for the three levels of Membership and their benefits.  Members may upgrade to another level of Membership at any time.  


Benefits of Membership are likely to expand over time and include (based on Membership Level; see complete Chart below):

■    Monthly group virtual coaching and Q&A sessions
■    Monthly Admissions Action Plans so you know exactly what to focus on and prioritize
■    Email support from expert admissions counselors
■    Admissions resources, tips, checklists, calendars & many other resources
■    Discounts on preferred vendors (see list of vendors below; subject to availability; Standard and Summit Levels only)

Here is a sample of just SOME of the resources you can expect (this does not include all Membership benefits! See full chart below):

Click on each item below to view the sample resource.


Click on each question to view the response.

During what period of time will I receive admissions support & Membership benefits?

Your Membership period and all Membership benefits will begin once you have requested and submitted your completed Membership Application and submitted initial payment. Membership benefits will last throughout the entire Admissions Cycle.*

When is the best time to become a Member?

The best time to become a Member and enjoy the full benefits of the program is the Winter/Spring of 7th Grade (or Winter/Spring of 8th grade if you are applying for 10th grade placement).  However, families who join in the Fall of 8th grade can also gain significant benefits and are encouraged to consider Membership!  Please note capacity may be limited, especially for Standard or Summit levels during the peak fall admissions season. 

What are the fees?

Fees are shown below for each level of Membership. Members can enjoy the benefits of Membership from the time of activation through the end of the admissions cycle, and fees are typically paid monthly during this period.* Payment instructions and complete set of Terms and Conditions will be shared once you have requested your Membership Application.

Friend Get a Friend:
Tell a friend, and if they mention you sent them and become a member (subject to capacity), we will apply an additional 10% off 3 months of your Membership!
(limit one per Member)

Standard & Summit Level Members: Eligible for an additional 10% discount when fees are paid in full for the entire Admissions Cycle.

What happens after I request an application?

Your application will be emailed to you and then once we receive a completed, signed application, it will be processed within 2 business days. After we receive your initial monthly payment, you will receive a Welcome Letter and begin to enjoy the benefits of your Membership!

Can I just become a member and share all the materials with my friends and neighbors?

Sorry, all coaching, documents, resources and all other benefits associated with Membership are proprietary and intended for the sole use of our members. Members agree to abide by this strict policy at the time of application. Membership will be revoked immediately when a member is found in violation of this policy.

Membership Perks at Preferred Partner Vendors

(Standard/Summit Level Members)

Details & promo codes for all perks will be shared with all new Members.


Admissions Access Membership Levels 

(High School Admissions)

Membership Includes
*See Notes under the chart for Terms & Conditions)
Starter Member Standard Member
(limited capacity)
Summit Member
(limited capacity)
Monthly fee (Standard/Summit Levels only: 10% discount if pay in full for entire Admissions Cycle) $29 $89 $179
Monthly 1-hour group virtual admissions coaching/Q&A session (includes access to full library of recorded sessions)
PLUS weekly 30-min. virtual group coaching/Q&A session during peak admissions period.
Email admissions-related questions 1/week 2/week Unlimited
Access to school events calendar (available during peak admissions months)
Monthly general Action Plan
Access to library of admissions videos & resources (summer assignments, interviewing, essay writing, general HS admissions, NYCAS webinars, etc)
Access to other resources (added over time!) & community-oriented features as developed and based on demand.
15-minute admissions-related phone call 2/month 1/week
Personalized essay or assessment review (per admissions cycle)
1 hour 3 hours (priority scheduling)
Personalized Mock interviews (virtual; per admissions cycle), includes expert feedback & interview resources (sample questions, performance guidelines & standards, etc)  
1 hour 3 hours (priority scheduling)
Personalized review & guidance on Applications (per admissions cycle)  
1 hour 3 hours (priority scheduling)
Personalized review & guidance on Waitlists (per admissions cycle)  
1 hour 3 hours (priority scheduling)
General school starter list (not customized for family), list research template, FAQ document, & other admissions resources  
Reduced rate on tutoring/test prep (possibly other services in the future; subject to availability.)
Reduced rate on college admissions support
Option to upgrade to Premium Consultation Services at reduced rate (subject to availability during peak periods)
* Notes (Benefits included in Membership may expand further over time;
Full set of Terms and Conditions will be shared with your Membership Application):
  • "Admissions Cycle" = Period of time between membership activation and March of 8th grade (or March of 9th grade for 10th grade applicants; subject to change based on DOE, ISAAGNY, school or other policies/timelines). 10% discount only valid for minimum 3-month membership (Standard/Summit Levels only).
  • "Peak admissions period" = September through November of 8th or 9th grade year.
  • Payment instructions and complete set of Terms and Conditions will be sent with your Membership Application. Membership benefits will only be conveyed to Members in good standing with no outstanding payments due. Payments are non-refundable.
  • All membership services are virtual/remote and may be either live, recorded, or otherwise shared.
  • Fees and Terms and Conditions subject to change. Membership capacity may be limited.