PreK-5 Placement

Looking for help with pre-kindergarten through 5th grade public or private school placement?
NYC Admissions Solutions is pleased to partner with Evolved Education Company to provide you with the best in PreK-5th grade admissions support.

Evolved Education Company’s Founder, Mary E. Miele is a Learning & Education Specialist & Consultant. She is a born teacher with a love of children and a passion for educating them. Miele’s “Whole Child” philosophy and Whole Child Paradigm is the foundation of EEC as an innovative private tutoring service that focuses on the total education process, not just organizational skills, admissions and test scores.

EEC’s priority is to partner with families to provide exemplary learning support services of all kinds for students in PreK through College. With the complete assessment of all aspects of the student’s Evolved Education Paradigm, the integration of a student’s academic strengths and challenges, the family and school environment, and a student’s social-emotional-physical-academic quotient into that paradigm, we are able to uncover each student’s learning potential and create individualized learning support programs, ensuring each child evolves into a successful student.

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