Privacy Statement

Updated Friday, February 3, 2023

New York City Admissions Solutions collects information provided by users of the website and purchasers of NYCAS services. The NYCAS website uses cookies to understand where users come from prior to the website; what pages they visit on the website; where users are located geographically, as well as the demographics of website visitors. Users may turn off the cookies function on their web browsers and may clear all cookies from their web browsers at any time.

NYCAS requests certain information for its paid services. The information is necessary in order for NYCAS to evaluate applications and provide users with a report. The information provided by users is not used for any other purpose.

NYCAS paid services require use of a credit card. NYCAS uses PayPal as a credit card processor. Users understand that they are subject to PayPal’s terms and conditions and PayPal’s privacy statements. When using PayPal, users’ information will go to PayPal servers via SSL Certification. NYCAS will not have a copy of users’ credit card information.

NYCAS provides access to users’ information on an as-needed basis only to its contractors and employees in order to fulfill NYCAS’s purpose of providing reports, consultations, and other services provided as well as for its internal business purposes. Users understand that the security of electronic communications and storage cannot be guaranteed. NYCAS cannot and does guarantee the information provided will be secure from cyber hacking or other threat.

NYCAS may update or change this privacy statement from time to time. NYCAS will not provide individual notice of such changes rather; the changes will be posted on the website in the form of an updated statement. Users are advised to check the website periodically for updates.

You understand that if you provide a completed High School Application when using the My Application Expert Service Option A, the application contains more information than NYCAS requires to provide a report. By providing the completed High School Application you agree to hold NYCAS harmless from any losses, fraud, or theft which may result from providing a student’s school identification number and date of birth.