NYC Admissions Solutions
Counselor Support Program

What is it?

The NYC Admissions Solutions Counselor Support Program offers resources, tools, and coaching to New York City middle school counselors who guide families applying to high school. This school counselor support program empowers middle school counselors while providing individualized support with high school placement.

Who is this program for?

The NYC Admissions Solutions Counselor Support Program is suited for New York middle school counselors who spend any part of their role supporting families with high school placement. Whether you’re a brand-new middle school counselor or have many years of experience working in public, parochial, or independent middle schools, this program can help equip you with information, bandwidth, and resources to best assist families and help you function more efficiently and effectively with ALL your various roles.

Why is it needed?

After hearing from many middle school counselors, it became clear that many felt they needed more support with their high school placement responsibilities. School counselors often have a lot on their plates besides high school placement and they may not receive the right support at the right time when tasked with assisting families throughout the high school admissions process. Even the most experienced counselors may have a hard time keeping up with the ever-changing admissions landscape and policies. This program is designed to make the lives of school counselors easier by supporting them, their students, and families during the high school placement process.

Testimonials from real NYC middle school counselors (additional references available upon request):

"You do a wonderful job. I might have retired by now were it not for you!"
"Maurice has done a terrific job and it is much appreciated!!"
"I’m always glad you’re out there, Maurice!"
"The presentations and information that you offer to families is truly wonderful and helpful. Your expertise and explanations for certain parts of the process is very helpful and more direct and easy to understand."
"For the first time in 10 years, I got a bunch of thank you emails from parents… I am truly glad that Maurice came to our school."
"You are the guru of high school admissions."

(DOE official)

Program Objectives

This program is not intended to replace the counselor’s job or undermine the counselor’s role in any way. On the contrary, the objectives of the Counselor Support Program are to:

★    Empower and strengthen counselors
★    Reduce counselor anxiety and stress
★    Increase school counselor efficiency
★    Improve high school placement outcomes
★    Provide on-demand, tailored, and relevant counselor support
★    Help disseminate accurate information in a timely manner
★    Support new and expanding High School placement programs through the development of effective placement infrastructure

Program Benefits

    ★    Support for new or experienced counselors, tailored to their needs
    ★    Timely answers
    ★    Support with challenging applications
    ★    Support with presentations or family communications
    ★    Increased family satisfaction

    “Having a support program like this will empower counselors to feel confident in working with students and parents. A calm, grounded counselor is much more effective than an insecure, anxious one!”

    middle school counselor

    Sample Menu of Service Options (program can be customized, as needed)

    A. Group Support *
    Series of group talks exclusively for counselors only (first one free); separate, targeted talks based on level of experience and separate admissions processes! (i.e. new counselor talks for 0-3 years experience OR expert counselor training sessions for >6 years experience only, public vs. private school admissions, etc.); PLUS group talks across experience levels to facilitate information sharing, best practices & emotional support.

    * Availability subject to program participation. 
    B. Individual training/support
    Individual training/consultations for counselors only (on demand live support). Ongoing, on-demand virtual, phone and email support for counselors only.
    C. Support with family presentations
    Talks for your families on any aspect of HS admissions - turnkey, first one free.
    D. Application support
    Direct counselor support with evaluating applications, identifying best fit schools, creating balanced applications, waitlist strategy, etc.
    E. Supplemental family consultation support
    Support with 1:1 consultations directly with families.
    F. Communications support
    Support developing materials/communications for families throughout process.
    G. Technical support
    Hands-on virtual or in-person support for counselors navigating MySchools, Ravenna and other systems.
    H. Other admissions processes
    Help for counselors navigating private, parochial, boarding or charter school processes.
    I. Q&A/Office hours
    For counselors.
    J. Other customized support
    Tailored to your needs.

    Sample Program Configurations

    (customizable for your needs)

    Sample Beginner Support Package
    (Suggested: Counselors with 0-3 years of high school placement experience)
    Recommended: Items A-I above

    Sample Expert Support Package
    (Suggested: Counselors with 6+ years of high school placement experience)
    Recommended:  Items A, B, D, E, I above

    Customized/A La Carte *
    Any of the items above; select those that best meet your needs

    * Most popular option

    Complimentary (included as part of every program):

    A. One (1) 60-minute virtual presentation to families on any aspect of the HS admissions process (per school year).
    Sample topics may include but are not limited to:

    • HS Application Strategies (public and/or private school admissions)
    • Applying to the Specialized High Schools/SHSAT
    • Applying to Independent Schools
    • Testing 101
    • Application Essay Writing
    • Interview Strategies
    • What to Expect When Results are Issued/Waitlist, etc.

    B. One (1) 30-minute virtual training/Q&A session for counselor (per school year)

    Experience & Program Support

    This program offers a high level of individualized support provided personally by NYC Admissions Solutions’ Founder and President, Maurice Frumkin. Over the past 15 years, Maurice has helped hundreds of families navigate NYC high school admissions and has supported hundreds of middle counselors across NYC with everything from large group presentations to individual family consultations.  As former Deputy Executive Director of High School Admissions with the NYC Dept. of Ed, as well as independent school admissions officer, Maurice was responsible for training and supporting dozens of middle school counselors and DOE Welcome Center (formerly Borough Enrollment Offices) staff throughout the city.  Since leaving DOE, he has partnered with many counselors, schools and PTAs/parents associations throughout the city to provide a wide range of support services, including serving as contracted high school placement counselor for several public and independent schools.

    Fees & Scope

    Programs are tailored and customized to meet YOUR unique needs and will vary from case to case. Program fees are NOT incurred by school counselors, are typically per school year and paid by individual schools and/or parents associations/PTAs. We are happy to provide a complimentary custom quote & proposal based on your community’s unique needs.

    Next steps

    Take 2 minutes to complete this simple form to request a complimentary introductory phone call to discuss your needs and to receive a complimentary proposal & quote. Or send this web link to your school leadership or parents association/PTA, and tell them this program could help you and your families!

    What to expect after Inquiry Form submitted

    • Phase I:  Inquiry Form submitted & follow up exploratory consultation with client conducted
    • Phase II:  Formal proposal & customized quote delivered to client
    • Phase III:  Commitment from client to secure program slot *
    • Phase IV:  Program planning & execution

    *Pending program capacity; due to the personalized nature of this program, only a limited number of program partners can be accommodated.