College Admissions

Is your family looking for assistance with College Placement?

Meet our College Admissions Expert: Dana Ponsky

College Admissions Service Options

15 minute introductory call

• Complimentary phone call with college admissions expert

• Discussion of services, types of support, needs of family

• Questions about expert’s background, next steps, etc.

Initial Consultation

• 90 minute meeting with family/student

• Review of academic & personal student profiles

• Guidance on HS curriculum and test planning/scheduling, summer program planning,

internships and employment

• Review of the entire application process, timeline, & goals with family/student

• Recommendation of personalized action plan

• Follow up items delivered to family include initial list of colleges/universities to consider, as well as testing schedule/plan

By the hour

• As needed support

• In-person, phone/video or email

Standard Package

Typically 11th grade through placement

• 15 hours of support at discounted rate, including initial consult

• Access to preferred vendors (test prep, etc)

• Includes in-home, email/video and phone support

• Continues until the student has been accepted to the final choice of college/university

• Regular review of student’s educational planning and progress

• Full guidance on the college application process, review and critique of essays and other

required materials, plus interview preparation

• Review and revisions to list of potential colleges/universities, plus guidance on final selection

• Support with navigating financial aid process

Gold Package

Typically 10th grade through placement

Includes all components of the Standard Package, PLUS:

• 25 total hours of support at preferential rate

• Includes guidance on PSAT/SAT subject tests, mock SAT/ACT, college visits & fairs, possible

summer internships, developed college list, course selection, etc.

Platinum Package

Typically 9th grade through placement

Includes all components of the Gold Package, PLUS:

• Start to finish, all-inclusive support

• 35 total hours of support at most preferential rate

• Highest priority scheduling status

• Includes guidance on extracurricular interests/opportunities, course selection, transition

strategies for your new school environment, creating an account with the College Board, SAT

subject tests, etc.

Custom quotes & service packages also available upon request.

Please contact us for details.

Congratulations to the Class of 2024!

We are proud to announce that this year, our students had great success in, not only getting into their dream colleges but in completing the application process with ease. Here’s to this year’s graduates!

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