“You helped me now get two of my kids into their first choice schools. That’s a pretty good track record!”

“You have the best vibe for a consultant–warm, caring, knowledgeable and honest!”
“We are lucky to have you working with us!”
“We will always be grateful for all your help with the admissions process.”
“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your help. You were instrumental in getting us to this wonderful outcome!”
“I really could not have survived it without your awesome help.”
“We are forever sincerely thankful for your help & advice!”
“(Mr. Frumkin) It was supposed to be a ‘surprise’ thank you, but it appears that can’t happen. I’ve been trying to have cookies delivered to you as a thank you… We both really thank you… your kindness meant a lot to both of us!.” “I wanted to take the time to thank you so much for all the time you’ve spent talking to me about this difficult high school process.”
“Yesterday, I attended a high school workshop in Manhattan. I would like to thank the man who conducted the meeting [Maurice Frumkin]. He did an amazing job explaining the key elements regarding the process for high school admission.”
“Thank you again for the patience you had with me today as well as all the help and advice you provided. You are the first person I have come across that, in my opinion, showed concern since I started trying to help my daughter. Thank you again, people like you are few and far between.”
“You have been very kind and helpful – as well as frank and prompt in your responses.”
“We both (my daughter and I) really thank you…your kindness meant a lot to both of us!”
“Thanks for your help in this matter and I’ll email you if I need you for anything else. You have been very responsive and that is a quality that is rare.”
“I thought you exceeded our expectations. You are certainly thoroughly knowledgeable about your subject matter and present it in a personable manner.”


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