Jacqui Rodrigues — Executive Assistant

Jacqui Rodrigues is an Executive Assistant at NYC Admissions Solutions, supporting the entire NYCAS team with marketing, social media, and general business administration.

Jacqui has been working in business administration for over 20 years, starting with her parents’ service-oriented business during her high school years. Throughout her career, Jacqui has focused on streamlining processes, promoting collaboration, and advocating excellence in customer and client service.

Jacqui learned marketing and social media skills on the job as an administrative assistant at a real estate office before moving to a marketing/social media role at a specialty pharmaceutical distribution company. She knows the ins and outs of a variety of platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and has a strong track record of increasing followers and engagements for a variety of brands.

She specializes in general business administration, marketing, and social media management.

Jacqui believes in the importance of making a personal, human connection with customers. She encourages her clients who are afraid of starting their social media presence to just jump in, offering her support, encouragement, and expert guidance.

Jacqui loves animals, both in the real world and in TikTok videos. Originally from southern West Virginia, she currently lives with her husband in the Netherlands, where she enjoys exploring, taking photos, and doing volunteer work.