Desiree Jones 

NYC Admissions Solutions (NYCAS) is proud to announce the addition of high school admissions expert Desiree Jones to our team. Prior to joining NYCAS, Desiree served as Director of High School Placement at a leading NYC charter school. 

Desiree Jones has several years of experience in high school admissions as well as a background in college and career counseling, youth development and teaching. Desiree works closely with families to identify best fit schools and navigate the public, independent and Catholic school admissions process. She has supported hundreds of students with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in both the high school and college admissions process. Her expertise in the high school admissions process supports student skill growth in interviewing, audition and portfolio preparation, and writing personal admission essays. 

As a career educator, Desiree’s strength lies in empowering families through collaborative partnership that centers their needs.  With her experiences comes the familiarity of the schools within NYC, the specific demands of their rigorous admissions programs, and the know-how to facilitate admissions along the way. 

Desiree is an alumna of Horace Mann School. She received a BA in History from Georgetown University and her M.Ed in Educational Leadership from Concordia University.