Bentley Kapten— Senior Admissions Associate (early childhood, alternative placements, G&T, and special needs)

For the past decade, Bentley Kapten has honed his abilities to set measurable goals, oversee systems, and lead teams by building relationships with families & community stakeholders to positively impact educational outcomes for students. His knowledge is guided by his experience in the classroom as an elementary school teacher in Brooklyn and Harlem and an instructional coach at Teach For America. Additionally, he oversaw the curriculum and instructional pedagogy as an Academic Dean for an elementary school in Manhattan. Currently, he utilizes his background and knowledge of the NYC school system to consult and advise families through tutoring, school support, and school placements with NYC Admissions Solutions, where he specifically focuses on early childhood placement and alternative placements such as G & T programs, as well as special needs placements. Bentley is also an alumnus of Texas Tech University and Relay Graduate School of Education. He currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife Sophia.