In case anyone has trouble uploading additional materials in MySchools this week!

Additional Tips for Uploading Additional Materials in MySchools:

  • File Name: Please make sure that the file name does not have special characters like pound signs, hashtags, hyphens, underscore, etc. (#,-,/,_). You will receive an upload failed error message if the file contains special characters.
  • Please attempt multiple browsers if one is not working. We recommend Google Chrome for the best results.
  • Please attempt uploads on a laptop instead of a mobile device.
  • For large videos, you can use this website to compress large files
  • If the file was made as a google doc or SharePoint file, please download as a pdf or word file and submit.
  • Do not submit zip files.
  • Max file size: 500MB per file
  • Please be patient with uploads. Do not submit multiple times or multiple files. Submit one file at a time and allow enough time for each file to upload. Submitting multiple times may cause spinning gears to appear and could interfere with uploads. You may need to refresh your browser to view the uploaded materials or close out of your portal and re-log back in to view the uploaded additional material/s.
  • If after uploading, you can view an uploaded video on the students’ biopage, then the upload is successful. If not, check the files based on the steps above and attempt a resubmit after closing and reopening MySchools.