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Tony Natelli is College Admissions Counselor for NYC Admissions Solutions. Previously a college placement advisor at Hunter College High School in NYC and currently college placement counselor at one of the top 50 public high schools in the nation in northern NJ, Tony has over 10 years of experience counseling students and families on competitive college admissions.

Tony’s students have received offers at all Ivy League schools, MIT, Stanford, Amherst, Williams, U. of Maryland-College Park, U. of Michigan, UNC-Chapel Hill, U. of Virginia, various SUNY schools, Union, Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern, Brandeis, Colby, various U. of California schools, and many others across the country.
Beginning in the freshman year, he advises students and families on course selection, extracurricular activities, and employment and internships to help build the college application. Ultimately, he plays an instrumental role in identifying the best fit schools and optimizing students’ candidacies for their schools of choice – helping families save time and stress managing the often overwhelming college application process. Tony is also a guru on scholarship research and Naviance, a premier technology used by high school administrators and families for college placement services.

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