If you are a 6th or 7th grade family in NYC, you are probably aware of what 8th grade families are experiencing right now with the high school admissions process – whether it’s for public, private, parochial, charter, or any other kind of high school.


You may have heard the stories about the school research, the choices, the school visits, the open houses, the fairs, the interviews, the writing samples, the rumors about how the process works or doesn’t work….I could go on and on. And we haven’t even finished the year yet. Trust me, it gets even more interesting as the year rolls along!


You may also be thinking to yourself, “What can I be doing to prepare for this process myself now, to make things just a bit easier for my child (if not a LOT easier), to give my child every possible chance of being in a good position when it comes time to doing what the 8th grade families are doing right now – so that MY child can ultimately get a high school where he or she will flourish??”


Now that high school applications are due, allow me to outline some DOs and DON’TS that you – the 6th and especially the 7th grade families – should consider both immediately and in the short term.




1.  Get copies of the high school directories and other publications, and start to get familiar with school options available to you.


2.  Remember the importance of 7th grade when applying to high school and how it will most likely follow directly from 6th grade performance.


3.  Be aware of what high schools are looking for, whether it is grades, test scores, interviews, etc.


4.  Start to put together a portfolio of work, if you haven’t already.


5.  Put an action plan and calendar on paper.  It’s not too early.


6.  Get to know your school counselor.  They can be one of your greatest resources.


7.  Subscribe to valuable, informational resources now to become more familiar with the process.  (yes, our videos and newsletter are great ones to consider!)


8.  Ask a lot of questions!




1.  Wait to get involved.  You will not be able to get this time back, and you will regret not being more prepared.


2.  Eliminate any schools from consideration.  It’s too early for that.


3.  Take what someone else says as law, unless he/she is a credible expert.


4.  Remove your child from playing a role in the process.


5.  Rely on one resource only as the be-all and end-all.


6.  Assume your experience will be just like another family’s experience – the good experiences or not so good!


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