Is your child going into 7th grade?  Wondering what the fuss is about the high school admissions process, and why you have to worry about it already?


The reality is, if you are reading this post you are at a huge advantage. 


Why?  Because it means you are aware of the high school admissions process, and you are learning more about it.  That is the first step to success.  If your child is in 7th grade, you have the advantage of following the process this year, attending the events, learning about schools, watching our weekly video tips, and putting yourself in a much better position for what will prove to be a hectic 8th grade year.


Not only that, you may already know that your child’s 7th grade record – course marks, test scores, attendance, etc – is what high schools will look at on the high school application.  Not 8th grade.  Not 6th grade.  7th grade.  So the fact that you know this now, early in the school year, SHOULD give you and your child even more motivation to set some goals and have a solid academic year.  No excuses.


So first things first.  Sign up for our weekly tips.  Plan to attend the citywide high school fair at Brooklyn Tech in late September.  Get the high school directory.  Start to learn about the high schools now, so you can understand what they are looking for – and then you and your child can work towards those requirements.


You can do it.  But as I tell the 8th grade families all the time, don’t do it alone.  Find some trusted resources and get help.  We are here for you along the way…..