Now that the biggest high school admissions event of the year is over, you may be asking yourself:  “I’m overwhelmed – now what?”


The truth is, if you are just getting started with the high school admissions process, you have a lot of work ahead of you over the next several months.  Mostly this will involve researching all the school choices you are considering, visiting schools, going on interviews, auditions, etc.  Here are my Top 5 items to think about as you head into a busy October:


1.  Have you registered for the SHSAT and/or LaGuardia auditions yet, and if not, why not?  See my short video tip on this topic, and see your school counselor as soon as you can:


2.  The SHSAT is in a few weeks!  What can you do now to prepare yourself?


3.  Did you even get to the Citywide Fair?  If not, I highly encourage you to attend at least one of the borough fairs on October 19 and 20.  They are smaller, but in many ways more manageable than the citywide fair.  And a great way to meet with the schools you haven’t met with yet that are in your own borough.


4.  Remember, in October students will get 2 important items from school counselors:  a) your high school application, and b) your SHSAT ticket.  Be on the lookout for my blogs and weekly videos over the next few weeks with some important guidelines for what to do once you get these!


5.  Most importantly, if you have not started narrowing down your possible list of schools, now is the time.  Why do that, with a few months left before you have to turn in your Round 1 application?  Because each school you are considering will require you to do certain things.  Depending on the school, that may mean attending an open house (critical to sign in at limited unscreened schools!), preparing writing samples, going on interviews, completing online assignments, visiting schools, etc.  And that doesn’t even include research on your own, and talking with your counselor and other experts.  Don’t wait, now is the time.


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