Still unhappy with your high school result and considering an appeal?


Here are eight of the most important things you should know before submitting an appeal:


1.  You must have a high school match. If you have not received a match yet and are waiting for round 2 results, you will be able to appeal after round 2.


2.  Anyone can appeal to any program.  That’s right, any program, but you only have up to 3 choices to make.  And be sure to read below for more important information.


3.  The reason for the appeal is critical.  If you are simply appealing because you didn’t get what you wanted, that is generally not considered a strong appeal.    The strongest reasons are for hardships like travel, safety, special needs, or medical.


4.  Even if your appeal is granted, it will probably not be granted to a program you already applied to.  In most cases, if you didn’t get matched to a particular program in round 1 or 2, you won’t get in through appeals.  But…


5.  …you have nothing to lose by appealing.  However, be careful what you indicate on the appeal form, and be careful what you ask for.  If your appeal can’t be granted to one of your choices, you may be placed somewhere else if you allow it.  And if it is granted, that decision is considered final.


6.  You can’t appeal into a specialized high school.


7.  Many appeals are granted, but the majority are not.


8.  Meet the deadline.  Any appeal submitted after the deadline will most likely not be considered.


Like much of the process, I highly suggest getting expert advice before submitting any appeal – from your counselor or someone else who truly knows the process well.


Good luck!