The topic of how the Covid-19 health crisis dominates our news cycle (and our lives) and the amount of  information and resources available to us can sometimes be very overwhelming. When it comes to thinking about how the college experience and application process has been impacted, there are mountains worth of articles and opinions and blogs about what has happened, what will happen, and what we should all be doing to respond and prepare. 


This month, rather than provide advice about an important topic that impacts the college admissions process for high school students, we wanted to focus on some strong news reporting, data, and opinions that we think might help tackle many issues that are at the forefront of parents, family members, students, counselors, and advocates minds. 


How Will Covid-19 Affect the Next Round of College Applicants? Here’s an Early Look


What’s Missing From A New Report On Competing For Admission During Covid-19


COVID-19 Roundup: Changing Course for the Fall


Georgia Tech Admission Blog


Picking A College For The Fall? Here’s How To Decide For An Unknown Future


What More Than 300 College Admissions Deans Are Looking For During The Pandemic


Here’s a List of Colleges’ Plans for Reopening in the Fall


NACAC College Admission Status Update 2.0 – Coronavirus Impact


Colleges Pull Back Athletics Amid Coronavirus


Presidents’ Growing Worry? Perceived Value of College


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