For students and parents in 11th grade, the time has come to begin the early stages of the college application process. While there are no applications being filled out right now, there is plenty of preparation that happens in the months leading up to determining what username and password combination will be used for the college application(s) login. 

In the coming months, exploring essay topics, scheduling tests, and determining 12th grade coursework will be regular conversations around the dinner table. At the same time, your student will also need to develop resumes, plan college visits, and research and shorten their college application lists. The reality is that the process of applying to college can be daunting, but it does not have to be. Finding assistance both in- and out-of-school is helpful to students and their families as they navigate an often overwhelming and bumpy landscape.

When considering the team of support your student and family needs for this process, an independent college admissions counselor is often a great addition. Their role is to help mitigate stress, enhance knowledge about college admissions, discuss what it takes to succeed in college, and support your student during all the big and small decisions that impact their future. 

Here are some frequently asked questions that we have received from families that may also help you as you begin the college admissions journey:

What is an independent college admissions counselor?

An independent college admissions counselor is someone who assists with some or all aspects of the college application process and is a member of a team that helps a student achieve their short and long-term goals. They help a student develop an application that best represents who they are today, while highlighting what they hope to accomplish in the future.

At NYC Admissions Solutions, we believe our position is to supplement the role of the school-based college counselor. We provide flexibility, personalized attention, and guidance to help navigate the complexities often associated with the college admissions process.

What does an NYC Admissions Solutions College Admissions Counselor do to help my student?

Our team can assist with:

  • High school course planning
  • Co-curricular exploration
  • College list development
  • Application reviews
  • Essay writing development and editing
  • Activity list development
  • Career exploration
  • Decision-making exercises
    And more.

Do you have a philosophy about how you work with students and families?

Our approach with families is to value and recognize that each student is their own unique person. They have specific likes, dislikes, goals, dreams, challenges, and more. By using a holistic approach, we work with students from where they are at presently and guide and support them to where they think they want to go. This personalized attention ensures that students are able to find the right fit for college – Which is not just where they will be accepted to, but where they will also graduate from in the years ahead. For more information about us, visit

When should I begin to work with NYC Admissions Solutions for help with the college process?

The quick answer is: When your student and family are ready.

We work with students from grades 9 through 12 with any and all aspects of the college admissions process. Our college admissions counselor evaluates, through an extensive consultation, what services and needs a student has at any time in their high school career. We then adjust our process to meet students where they are at with the goal of supporting them to where they want to go.

To learn more about how NYC Admissions Solutions can assist your student and family throughout any part of the college admissions process, please reach out to us at to set-up a complimentary 15-minute initial call.