As you and your child embark on the school interview season, there are some general guidelines I recommend to prepare for these important events based on extensive experience with school interviews, having met with hundreds of NYC families and students.


I provide these with a strong caution that they are just that – general – and guidelines will certainly vary based on individual schools, students, and circumstances.  Also, I always recommend mock interviews with a 3rd party.  Sorry, parents, but interviewing your own child won’t cut it.


So here goes – my Top 5 tips for approaching interviews:


1.  Research.  Conduct some research on the school for which you are interviewing, including any information about the interview format, content, interviewers, etc.  Prepare at least 2-3 questions to ask and demonstrate that you know something about the school.


2.  Know your own work.  Be familiar with your own work, projects of note, and accomplishments, and be ready to answer questions about them.


3.  Review sample interview questions for both students and parents.  I strongly encourage a mock interview under simulated conditions with a 3rd party expert.


4.  Have an objective.  Be prepared with 2-3 accomplishments or things you are particularly proud of that you want the interviewer to know about and you feel make you stand out from the crowd.  Remember, you are interviewing them, too.


5.  Have fun, but take it seriously.  Dress the part, be on time, and be ready with everything you need from the moment you arrive.  Don’t assume the school security guard doesn’t talk to the admissions office.


Bonus:  Be yourself.  The interviewer will know if you are putting on an act or trying to be someone you’re not.   Remember, the interviewer is on your side and wants you to do well!


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