Since public high school results in New York City are expected in March, I am often asked questions about what to expect and the implications of the more recent changes to the admissions process.  I will be covering much of this during my February 26, 2020 webinar. However, here are some key questions you may wish to consider in anticipation of these results:

  1.  When will results be released?  The Department of Education announces the exact release date the week prior.  As of the publishing of this blog, no date has been announced. Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @NYCHSAdmissions for updates!
  2. How will the results be shared? Immediately upon release, families will be able to access these results within the MySchools system.  As with the other points described below, I will go in-depth during my webinar.
  3. What are the various results scenarios? While most students will receive a single match to a choice on their original list of 12, there are a variety of other scenarios I will discuss in more detail on my webinar.
  4. What if a student doesn’t receive a top choice? There is a waitlist process that is new this year, and families with special circumstances will have the option of meeting with an admissions counselor at one of the Department of Education Welcome Centers.
  5. How will the waitlists work? Students will be waitlisted automatically at any choice above the one they were matched to. Students can voluntarily add themselves to other waitlists.
  6. When and how will students come off the waitlist? High schools will notify families directly if a student is eligible to come off a waitlist.  Receiving an offer from a waitlist will depend greatly on each school’s applicant pool. Seat availability and a student’s position on the waitlist are also key factors.
  7. Can one still appeal? While there is no longer a formal appeal form that families will complete, families with special circumstances will have the chance to visit a Department of Education Welcome Center.
  8. Who else can you go to for help if you are not happy? Your first line of defense to understand your options is typically your school counselor. If this is not possible, consider the Department of Education resources, including the customer service line, Welcome Center and website.  Of course, we are always available at NYC Admissions Solutions for a complimentary introductory phone call and private consultation. Contact us at for more information

February Webinar:

We look forward to seeing everyone on our webinar on February 26, where we will discuss these items in greater detail!

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