We had a great turnout for our 60-minute webinar on February 25, where I went into detail about preparing for high school Round 1 results, what comes after Round 1 (Round 2, appeals, etc), and what you can do if you are not happy with Round 1 results.


(One parent even said, “I was glued to my computer!”  Thank you for that…)


For those of you who missed it, and especially for those of you who get your Round 1 results and are not happy with them (unfortunately there will be many), here are some tips:


1.  You have the option of going into Round 2, even if you got a Round 1 match.  Remember, however, if you do this and get a Round 2 match, you will give up your Round 1 match.  Period.  No appeal, no going back.


2.  Once you have a match, you can appeal once the appeals process begins after Round 2.  Just know that appeals guidelines are strict, and the reason for the appeal is heavily weighted (I go into a lot more detail on my webinar).  Consult an expert if you are going down this road to give yourself the best possible chance for a strong appeal.


3.  Keep in mind the window of time for Round 2 is very tight.  As I mentioned in my weekly video tips from March 4, review the Round 2 list very carefully once you get it with your Round 1 results letter.  There will be many programs on it, some palatable, many probably unpalatable.  But pay close attention to admissions methods (how are students matched to those programs), seats offered, and if you already applied to any programs.    You will only have until March 21 to complete all this and make your choices.


4.  You may be reluctant to attend the Round 2 Fair on March 15 or 16, but I highly recommend it, anyway.  Why?  First, you still can get priority to limited unscreened programs.  Second, you will undoubtedly learn a lot more about the schools from speaking with people vs. just reading a piece a paper.  Third, there will most likely be schools you have not yet looked into.  And what’s the worst that can happen – you are in no worse shape a few hours later.


5.  Specialized high schools (SHSAT).  For the fortunate few, if you got an offer to one (or more, if you also got an offer to LaGuardia HS) of the elite specialized high schools, you can either accept it or decline it.  But that is it.  You can’t get one of your other specialized high school choices, and there is no wait list.


6.  What if you don’t like the list of Round 2 options available?  Well, that is the challenge many families will face and your strategy will be based on a number of factors.  Again, consult an expert for help for YOUR individual circumstances.


If you would like a recorded version of my 60-minute webinar, it is only $10 and you can click here to get it now.


Finally, I am offering special 30- or 60-minute phone or hourly in-person consultations for families who are unhappy with their Round 1 result and want help – first come, first served only



During these consultations, I can help answer questions such as:

  • What are my options for round 2 and/or appeals, and how can I maximize my chances for a successful result?
  • What is the best way to understand and navigate the round 2 list of programs and make the best choices possible?
  • How can I better understand round 2 schools, admissions methods, seat availability, etc?
  • What strategy is best for round 2 and/or appeals?
  • How can I prepare the strongest appeal possible?
  • How can I maximize my time at the Round 2 fair?
  • Should I consider any of the new schools, and what are the best questions I can ask them to learn more?
  • I feel like I’m out of options – what can I do?


Contact me via phone or email for details and cost:





Good luck!