It’s the fall of your child’s 6th or 7th grade, and you are hearing all kinds of stories about high school admissions.  What should you be focusing on now, so that you don’t have to go through the agony later on?


Here are my Top 3 Tips for the month of November (the 3 ‘Ps’):

1.  Pay attention.  By that I mean pay close attention to what’s going on with 8th grade families.  You have a lot to learn from what they are experiencing this time of year – the interviews, the open houses, the research, the workshops…the good, the bad, and the ugly, it never seems to end.  But by staying in touch with what they are experiencing, you will be that much more prepared for it later on.


2.  Participate.  It’s not too late to attend open houses, PTA meetings, workshops, and other events you hear about (follow us on Facebook to keep track!).  The more events you can attend now, the less anxiety they will cause later.


3.  Prepare.  Remember, the 7th grade year is critical because that’s what high schools are looking at.  Look at the high school directory, and be aware of what grades and test scores your high schools of choice require.  Track your child’s attendance, and understand its importance.  And when possible, gather your child’s best work so you have a portfolio ready when it’s application time.  If you are a 6th grade family, this year’s performance will play a significant role in next year’s performance.


It’s not too early to get help.  Register for our free webinar on November 12 at 7pm, “Before Turning In The High School Application.”    Many 6th and 7th grade families have already registered, so why not you?