The school year has come to an end…finally. 


I speak to students and families regularly about how challenging the past few months have been, but now many are concerned about what the summer months are going to look like for their student. 


Most students would have their plans in place in a typical year back in February and March, but I hear regularly how for many, just getting through the school year was more important than figuring out what to do for the summer months. 


As a college counselor, I am always thinking about how students can maximize their high school experience, while also preparing for the college application process and college experience. This year and these past few months, my focus has been on my student’s social and emotional wellbeing and ensuring they feel supported in and out of the  “Zoom” classroom. Now my focus is shifting to the summer and so should your students. 


Here are some resources for students and families to consider when planning out the summer months while taking into consideration everyone’s health and safety: 


Points of Light Foundation – extensive listing of virtual volunteer opportunities ranging from archival/genealogical work to helping veterans.


Operation Warm – provides a list of 25 at-home volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and abilities 


Class Central – centralized listing of online course options provided by colleges and companies like Coursera 


Volunteer Match – extensive listing of volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and areas of interest


For those who want non-virtual options: 

  • Join faith-based or community organizations to buy groceries or run errands for those most vulnerable during this time 
  • Connect with local food banks or gardens that supply food banks and see how you can support their efforts – especially with delivery options
  • Work with local land trusts and environmental groups (to test water quality, clean beaches and trust land, build and maintain walking trails etc.), 
  • Assist with care of animals at local nature centers, rescue groups, etc.
  • Identifying vulnerable community members in neighborhood or town and offer to go grocery shopping and pick up medications 


If your student (and you) need a break this summer but want to feel productive, please reach out to me and I am happy to explore options that will be right for your student and family. I can be reached at