Round 1 high school applications are due soon, so if you are a family of an 8th grader, you are probably frantic right about now.  After reviewing thousands of high school applications, I’ve seen all kinds of things that get students into trouble.  And unfortunately, what doesn’t seem like a big deal now can be a huge troublemaker later on.


There is a lot at stake right now, and you will want to do everything you possibly can to submit a Round 1 application that will get you a Round 1 match.  That should be your #1 goal, period.


Here are my Top 3 Pitfalls for the Round 1 high school application – mistakes that can make a significant impact on the high school outcome but mistakes that many students make.


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Pitfall #1:

Not enough choices.  Generally speaking, the more choices you are willing to list on the application, the better your chances of getting a Round 1 match.  The families who are willing to stretch themselves now with more choices are the ones who will benefit later.


Pitfall #2:

Choices represent all screened or audition programs.  I know, you’re only willing to choose these programs because they represent the most selective programs.  But if you knew that you would not get a match in Round 1, would that change your approach?  Believe me when I say that there are not enough seats in these programs for all the qualified applicants, and you are doing yourself a disservice by ignoring the vast majority of programs that are neither screened nor audition.


Pitfall #3:

Ignoring admissions priorities.  Have you chosen schools where you fall into a higher priority group?  Do you even know what priority group you are in?  This can be a huge determining factor in the matching process.


Want more details about these and other pitfalls?  Register for our November 12 webinar.  Why take a chance on something so important?


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